Proceedings and Matters of Importance

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Hi Sig. I’ll just post this here. Too big for email. Not sure I want to do this anymore. I mean, I am sure of that. I just don’t know if I have a choice. I went up last Saturday and I’ve been thinking about it since. I recorded it with the little recorder you [...]

Owls and Wolves

Hi Sig, First off, I know this is a blog and not a letter, but sorry to hear about the job. I guess I wasn’t sure what to say on the phone earlier. This new economy, you know, what has it done to my manners? Anyway. Sorry. So, when we got cut off I was [...]

Test? Does this thing work?

This is a test post. Hello sig! Hmm…Let me post something you’ll appreciate. Remember? Creepy, right? It was in with everything else, rolled up. Thankfully I was able to scan it in and clean it up a bit. That’s all for now, Beth’s calling. My wife. More soon, n